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Following diagnosis of Sleep Apnea, I purchased a CPAP machine from Northern Respiratory and my sleep became restful. Under the care of Rob McKay RRT, at the ‘Centre’, I received positive encouragements to ‘keep going’ on the machine. Rob is genuinely devoted to his clients and is available anytime for listening and problem solving. All staff at Northern Respiratory are trained and competent to take charge. Recently, my facial mask was adjusted to avoid tightness and ‘wow’ what a difference!! No face marks. As I sleep on my side, functionality and stability has developed with the assistance of the NRC staff. They have a positive ‘you can do it’ approach and it does get easier. I have just changed to a BiPAP model and with Rob’s support I have settled into a positive and restful experience.

Cathy MacDonald, CPAP Customer

My family has three members diagnosed with sleeping disorders. At the age of 25 I was informed that I had sleep apnea and Northern Respiratory was able to help me get fit for my new mask and helped me with all my questions. When two of my children were also diagnosed with sleep apnea the staff was excellent and helped put my kids at ease. We would highly recommend Northern Respiratory.

Graham Robinson, CPAP Customer

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