COVID-19 Updates

Our Government has urged residents to “strengthen their social distancing measures”, cancel any planned events and “only go out for essential reasons.”

At Northern Respiratory, we take respiratory health very seriously. We remain available for phone and email support to all of our clientele. In cases of emergency CPAP issues, we will do our very best to provide assistance within the context of social distancing. However, as of today we are now available to the public by appointment only and have reduced operations.

If you require support, we are here. If you require supplies, we can offer storefront pickup by appointment or front door drop-off at your home within reason. We will work to maintain this level of service as long as possible until things return to normal. Our staffing has been temporarily reduced so that we are not congregating or otherwise undermining the extraordinary measures being asked of all here in our community to reduce the chance of spreading the virus.

Please feel free to contact us.